The Dear Hunter premieres new single “Wait” — listen

Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise takes a dark turn on the penultimate track

The Dear Hunter

The tracks we’ve heard so far from The Dear Hunter’s return to the Act Series, Act IV: Rebirth in Reprisehave highlighted the rousing side of Casey Crescenzo’s orchestral prog rock. Lead single “A Night on the Town” is a nine-minute epic filled with references to past material, while “Waves”, downbeat as the lyrics are, is full of strings and horns that rise like an ocean thermal. Not everything on the new record will be as invigorating, however, as evidenced by the penultimate track, “Wait”.

Here, the new string section creates a heavy vortex of sound chained to churning guitar chords. The sludgy arrangements appear to mirror a dark turn for The Dear Hunter character himself. With his voice reaching up from the murk, Crescenzo sings out, “Will I ever know heaven or hell/ Or is eternity something worse?/ I keep my eyes from looking too far up/ I fear that there is a heaven above.”

Take a listen below.

Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise is out September 4th via Cave & Canary Goods/Equal Vision Records. The band will tour extensively behind the record across both Europe and the US. Find those dates here.

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