Ephrata get bloody in new video for “Dying” — watch

Caution: not for the squeamish


It makes sense that there’s a cinematic feel to Seattle dreampop act Ephrata. The band’s founder Brady Hall, who is also a filmmaker, began working on instrumental tracks while producing La Sera’s debut record. All the while, the band’s future vocalist Skadi von Reis was out in Montana wrangling horses. The two eventually came together after Hall posted an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to sing over his music. And just like a silver screen ending, the pair hit it off and soon recruited two more members, and released their debut EP, I Scare No One, in 2014. Then they all lived happily ever after. Cue credits.

Obviously, their story doesn’t end there. The band has continued to be an effervescent presence in the Seattle scene, releasing stray singles along the way. Now they’re showing their teeth and are out for blood, literally, with their new song “Dying”. To coincide with the song’s release, they’ve premiered a gruesome video as well.

Distant drums and synthesizer hums usher in the song, sounding like something that would play at The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks. Von Reis’ vocals stand self-assured and confident amongst the haziness. The lovely melodies and instrumentation are a marked contrast to the video, which follows a menacing vampire woman quietly seducing her prey. Throughout the video there are cuts to shots of the band getting covered in blood. Both the song and the video are eerie and elegant, capturing the two realms that Ephrata excels in most.

“Our songs generally aren’t about anything terribly deep or poignant, so naturally this one is about Dracula, and instead of getting too arty farty about a video, we made it about a Dracula lady,” the band tells Consequence of Sound. “Unsure if we’ll round out an EP with songs about Frankenstein, Wolfman and the Mummy, but it wouldn’t be out of the question.”

Watch the video below — and be warned, it’s not for the squeamish.

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