Phil Collins is reissuing his solo catalogue and remaking each album cover

1981's Face Value and 1993's Both Sides will see new life come November


    Truth to be told, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t hear a Phil Collins song. Whether I’m storming off the train to “Mama” off Genesis’ self-titled album, pining for my lazy days in Miami with “Take Me Home”, or sulking in my office with a bottle of Jameson as “I Don’t Care Anymore” ricochets off my vinyl player … look, sometimes we just need things in our lives.

    It would appear that the singer-songwriter himself understands these needs, which might explain why he’s reissuing his landmark albums. (Well, that and the heaps of money to come.) Yes, as part of his new “Take A Look At Me Now” campaign, Collins plans to revisit each one of his solo works by releasing specially curated extended and remastered editions.

    First up is his debut album, 1981’s Face Value, and his fifth studio release, 1993’s Both Sides, both due out November 6th. The former is a must-have for any record collection, while the latter is interesting in that Collins did it all himself, meaning no outside collaborators or songwriters. And you wonder why Yeezy and Action Bronson adore the guy.


    Both deluxe releases will come with hand-selected demos and b-sides, which will examine how Collins’ work has evolved over time through the early stages to the studio and later on stage. Per a press release, “By contrasting the original studio versions of the material with later performances, the series demonstrates how Collins’ songs take on a life of their own once they’re freed from the confines of the studio.”

    “I’ve always been quite proud of my demos and have often made them available as b-sides, but with a few exceptions, I have avoided including those on these collections,” says Collins. “Instead, I’ve focused on how nicely the songs developed when played on stage, rather than showing how they originated.”

    collins Phil Collins is reissuing his solo catalogue and remaking each album cover

    To hammer this point home, Collins has re-created the iconic album covers with his wisened mug of today, which seems more or less like an official Internet meme of sorts. It’ll be interesting to see how Hello, I Must Be Going and No Jacket Required will look in the coming months as he rounds out this series with the six remaining albums.


    As expected, the reissues will be available in a variety of formats, including CD, digital, and 180-gram audiophile vinyl. What’s cool is that the vinyl deluxe boxed sets will come with extra space to squeeze in the rest of the collection as it comes. You’ll have to wait, though. After all, you can’t hurry love.

    Here’s hoping this whole campaign gets him back on stage. Wishful thinking?

    Face Value Tracklist:

    CD1 :
    01. In The Air Tonight
    02. This Must Be Love
    03. Behind The Lines
    04. The Roof Is Leaking
    05. Droned
    06. Hand In Hand
    07. I Missed Again
    08. You Know What I Mean
    09. Thunder And Lightning
    10. I’m Not Moving
    11. If Leaving Me Is Easy
    12. Tomorrow Never Knows

    01. Misunderstanding (Live)
    02. If Leaving Me Is Easy (Live)
    03. In The Air Tonight (Live)
    04. Behind The Lines (Live)
    05. The Roof Is Leaking (Live)
    06. Hand In Hand (Live)
    07. I Missed Again (Live)
    08. ….And So To F (Live)
    09. This Must Be Love (Demo)
    10. Please Don’t Ask (Demo)
    11. Misunderstanding (Demo)
    12. Against All Odds (Demo)


    Both Sides Tracklist:

    01. Both Sides Of The Story
    02. Can’t Turn Back The Years
    03. Everyday
    04. I’ve Forgotten Everything
    05. We’re Sons Of Our Fathers
    06. Can’t Find My Way
    07. Survivors
    08. We Fly So Close
    09. There’s A Place For Us
    10. We Wait And We Wonder
    11. Please Come Out Tonight

    CD2 (bonus tracks):
    01. Take Me With You
    02. Both Sides Of The Story (Live)
    03. Can’t Turn Back The Years (Live)
    04. Survivors (Live)
    05. Everyday (Live)
    06. We Wait And We Wonder (Live)
    07. Can’t Find My Way (Demo)
    08. I’ve Been Trying
    09. Both Sides Of The Story
    10. Hero (Demo)

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