When work slowed for her mainstay dream pop outfit Devics, Sara Lov wasted little time getting her solo career off the ground. The Hawaiian-born singer-songwriter quickly found herself working alongside Zac Rae (Fiona Apple, current Death Cab for Cutie member), her collaborator for 2009’s Seasoned Eyes Were BeamingThe two paired up again for 2011’s covers album, I Already Love You, but its been nearly six years since Sara Lov has released an album of original material.

    That will all change on October 30th when she drops Some Kind of Champion. Lov describes the album as “very personal. So much time passed since my last album of originals, that, when it finally came out of me, it felt precise.” Rae once again served as producer, in addition to featuring on a few tracks alongside the likes of Dustin O’Halloran, Scott Leahy, Ed Maxwell, Zac Rae, Cedric Lemoyne and Jonathan Price. Acclaimed pianist Hauschka also makes an appearance on “The Sharpest Knife”, a song Lov is sharing today.

    Of the collaboration with Hauschka, Lov tells Consequence of Sound,

    “I met Hauschka about 5 years ago when he came to la to perform. At that time, my couch was a regular rest-stop for incredible piano players thanks to [composer] Dustin [O’Halloran] and the friends he was always touring with. I felt an instant connection to his music and we became friends. I eventually told him about my idea to write an album of collaborations. He sent me a few pieces and this one gave me chills. I listened and the words and melodies came gushing out fairly quickly. It felt like I had been waiting for this song to come along and help me work out my feelings at the time. When I’m writing I have to sort of convince myself that nobody will ever hear it so that I can be true. Once the songs come out, I have to renegotiate with myself and let them go.”


    On “The Sharpest Knife”, she gives listeners an intimate look at the end of a relationship. Over Hauschka’s mournful, theatrical key strokes, Lov sings cooly with an ached candidness. “Why do always seasons come/ And why do they never wait til I’m done,” she begs the universe, even as she acknowledge her own flaws: “And why do I pick the same man/ Over and over and over again.” Both vocals and chords are as wounded as the target of the title’s blade, but a for all the turmoil, there’s a resilience in the back of Lov’s throat that refuses to be kept down. Listen in below.