Stream: Le Butcherettes’ new album A Raw Youth

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-produced LP features Iggy Pop and John Frusciante


    Le Butcherettes are set to return September 18th with their latest album, A Raw Youth, via Ipecac Recordings. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in its entirety below courtesy of Noisey.

    Frontwoman Teri Gender Bender, drummer Chris Common, and bassist Jamie Aaron recorded the Cry Is For The Flies follow-up at RLP Studios in El Paso, Texas. The Mexican garage punks once again enlisted The Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to produce the album (he also helmed the band’s past two records). Other contributors included Iggy Pop and John Frusciante.

    Gender Bender says “the focus of the album is the recurring conflict between minorities (the raw youths) and society: The oppressor and the oppressed.” She continues:

    “Each song is a different story of a youth from a different era. Some of them want to die because their faith in humanity has ended, some want to fight the authority, think outside themselves. ‘Sold Less Than Gold’ reflects the story of women who are sold into marriages or into sex slavery and how resilient their spirits are. Despite the different time periods, history repeats itself. There will always be conflict and sadly, despite the rebels in our history, there are people that are zombified. A Raw Youth is an awakened collective consciousness of wanting to live and not fear death.”


    In her review of the album, Karen Gwee writes, “After years of circling the rock mainstream, buoyed by collaborations and co-signs from legends and maestros, Le Butcherettes are finally poised to kick the door down into popular consciousness. The Mexican garage punk band led by Teri Gender Bender goes for its most straightforward sound yet on A Raw Youth. If they stumble occasionally, that’s only because of the white-knuckled grip they keep on what makes them unique.”

    Pre-order the album here.

    A Raw Youth Tracklist:
    01. Shave the Pride
    02. My Mallely
    03. Reason to Die Young
    04. La Uva (feat. Iggy Pop)
    05. Sold Less Than Gold
    06. Stab My Back
    07. They Fuck You Over
    08. Witchless C Spot
    09. The Hitch Hiker
    10. Lonely & Drunk
    11. Oil the Shoe If the Critter Knew Any Better
    12. My Half (feat. John Frusciante)