This 4th grade teacher created a Kanye West-themed classroom

Adrian Perez is about making his classroom fun all day


    Yes, it’s that time of year again. The children are filling up their backpacks with notepads and still unchewed pencils as they head for the bus stop. Most schools around the country have already opened their doors for the first day of classes, welcoming students back from the carefree days of summer. But for one group of elementary students in Mendota, California, being locked inside their classroom all day isn’t such a bummer. 4th grade teacher Adrian Perez of McCabe Elementary School has made sure his classroom is unique and exciting by taking inspiration from another Californian educatorKanye West.

    “I’m the biggest Kanye West fan!” Perez told Team Kanye Daily when asked why he decided to surround his students in Kanye. “I felt my idea was innovative. I am sure no other elementary school teacher out there has a Kanye West themed classroom … I am proud that I was able to create a one of a kind classroom. Kanye has inspired me, and the result is my classroom. I want to be the Kanye West of teaching.”

    Pereze covered the room in as much red as possible, from the rolling chairs to the posters to the pencil boxes, as a nod to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy-era West. The bear mascot from the covers of Late Registration and College Dropout are posted everywhere. Group markers and subject folders use the simple cover from Yeezus, with the number or name written on the little red square. Even the front door says “Welcome to the Good Life.”


    “Little by little I just thought of ideas I could use for my classroom,” Perez explained. “Over the summer everything came together. I was able to use Kanye’s song/lyrics to come up with these ideas, and they were also school/classroom friendly.”

    Some of those other ideas included:

    Math Monsters (Math): This section will display all the students great math work.

    I’m Amazing (Student of the Month): If you noticed my student of the month section has photos of students posted. Since I moved from 3rd grade to 4th I was allowed to take my entire class with me. Those students were student of the month last school year. I thought it would be awesome to continue to honor them, until we start all over this year.

    Story of a Champion (Writing Wall): This section will display all their creative writing assignments.

    Touch the Sky with ELA (English Language Arts): This section will display students group work that  involves ELA.

    Power Readers (Reading): This section will display my best classroom readers, most improved classroom readers, most reading quizzes passed, etc… it will change weekly and I will only display the top five.

    It’s Celebration (Birthdays): This section displays a calendar and underneath are 12 different photos (one for each month) of Kanye performing. The students’ birthdays are displayed under their birthday month.

    What Did I Learn All Day, All Day (Exit Slips): This section students post one thing they learned that day on a post it. They post it on their number before they go home.

    Sadly — and perhaps predictably — parents weren’t too thrilled that a man known for masterpieces like the “Bound 2” video and songs like “Black Skinhead” and “Niggas in Paris” was to be the inspiration for their childrens’ education. According to Team Kanye Daily, administrators were bombarded with complaints, and have subsequently stripped the glorious room of all its Kanye related iconography.


    Below, check out some images of the classroom that was just to cool to learn in.

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