Björk announces limited edition Vulnicura live album

Coming exclusively from Rough Trade, and limited to just 2,000 copies


    By the end of the year, Björk will have released three different versions of her excellent new LP, Vulnicura. The original dropped back in January, and the all-strings acoustic recording is coming on December 4th. Now, the Icelandic songstress has announced an extremely limited edition live album exclusively via Rough Trade.

    The album features all but one of the Vulnicura tracks, plus seven more songs from Björk’s varied back catalog. The singer mixed the record herself alongside frequent collaborators Arca and The Haxan Cloak.

    According to the label, production is restricted to 1,000 double-CDs and 1,000 double-LPs, each packaged with four print photos right in the sleeves. The official release date is December 4th, but with pre-orders going on now, these very limited releases will likely sell out fast. Head to Rough Trade to snag yours.


    Below, watch Björk perform “Stonemilker” during a concert at Carnegie Hall earlier this year.

    Vulnicura Live Tracklist:
    01. Stonemilker
    02. Lionsong
    03. History of Touches
    04. Black Lake
    05. Family
    06. Notget
    07. Come to Me
    08. Undo
    09. I See Who You Are
    10. All Neon Like
    11. Quicksand
    12. Wanderlust
    13. Mutual Core
    14. Mouth Mantra

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