Don Cheadle takes to the studio as Miles Davis in clip from upcoming biopic — watch

Miles Ahead makes it premiere this week at the New York Film Festival


Don Cheadle worked long and hard to make his Miles Davis biopic, Miles Aheada reality. His directorial debut, in which he also stars as the jazz great, took two years before it got in front of a lens. Now, another year later, the movie finally received its debut at the New York Film Festival.

Though Sony Pictures Classics has the rights to distribute the film, a wide release has not yet been set. That’s bound to change once it has its premiere, but until then, a freshly released clip will have to suffice. The minute-long preview finds Cheadle’s Davis in the studio with his collaborating partner Gil Evans (played by Jeffrey Grover). Though short, the clip provides a taste of Cheadle’s soft-spoken tone for the role, as well as his trumpet playing ability. Check it out below.

Miles Ahead follows Davis during his years of retirement and subsequent comeback. In particular, the film focuses on his plan with Rolling Stone journalist Dave Brill (Ewan McGregor) to regain ownership of his musical catalog, as well as his relationship with his long-time muse, Fracnis Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi).

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