Father John Misty makes case for being “The Ideal Husband” on Kimmel — watch

J. Tillman returns to late night with another electric performance


Two things are known for sure about Father John Misty’s J. Tillman: The man is an expert troll, and an incredible live performer.

Tillman has been supporting his latest opus, I Love You, Honeybearall across the late night circuit, showing off his moves on Conan and Seth Meyers. Last night, he gave the crew of Jimmel Kimmel Live! a workout trying to keep him in frame as he kicked about the stage, dropped to his knees, and writhed on his back. Even his own techs struggled to keep his mic stand upright. Misty and his band performed a unsurprisingly stellar rendition of “The Ideal Husband”, and you can actually see the audience get more and more into it as the song picks up steam.

Check out the replay below. Update: Tillman also performed “The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apt”.

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