Update: Radiohead have recorded “lots of material,” band hopes to tour in 2016

Jonny Greenwood confirms the exciting news to a Russian radio station

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    Radiohead spent the month of September holed up in the studio working on their ninth studio album. It appears the sessions were a success, as guitarist Jonny Greenwood has told a Russian radio station that the band has all but finished the record.

    “We have finished recording of the new album but we keep reevaluating the work we’ve done,” Greenwood told Russia’s Silver Radio (via Reddit). “We hope we’ll get it right soon, and after that we’ll start planning the next year’s tour.”

    Update: Greenwood has clarified his comments on Twitter. The Radiohead guitarist said lots of material has been recorded and “the band is about to go through it all to see if it’s any good.” Additionally, he said the band hopes to tour, but no plans have been confirmed.

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    News of the album’s completion shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as drummer Phil Selway previously said the band hoped to finish in the fall. In early September, composer Robert Ziegler, who previously worked with the band on The King of Limbs, shared several photos from inside of the studio, including one in which Radiohead could be seen recording with an orchestra.

    Little else is known about the album, though Selway has teased the possibility of outside collaborators, which would be a first for the band. Additionally, Greenwood has said that “Lift”, a song which dates back to 1996, may appear on the album.


    Watch video of Radiohead performing “Lift” in 1996.

    And here’s a photo from Greenwood’s interview with Silver Radio.

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