Stream: Deerhunter’s new album Fading Frontier

Bradford Cox & co. return with their seventh studio record to date


    Today, Deerhunter release their highly anticipated new album, Fading Frontier, through 4AD. Spotify users can stream it below. It’s also available via Apple Music.

    The follow-up to 2013’s Monomania spans nine tracks and features contributions from James Cargill of Broadcast and and Tim Gane of Stereolab. Additionally, the track “Breaker” marks the first-ever duet between band members Bradford Cox and Locket Pundt.

    Deerhunter’s seventh studio to date was written and recorded in the band’s hometown of Atlanta, CA, and co-produced by Ben H. Allen, who’d worked on their 2010 record, Halcyon Digest. It marks Cox’s return to music following a December 2014 car accident that left him in the hospital with serious injuries.


    In his review of the album, Sheldon Pearce writes, “At nine songs and just over 36 minutes, Fading Frontier is a filler-free opus of experimental rock splendor that never lags and always intrigues. It’s pretty sharp for a noise or garage rock album with sleek bass lines and vibrant electronic add-ons. No sound is out of place or excessive, which is something that couldn’t be said for Monomania. This go-around, there’s less clutter.”

    Order the album here.

    Fading Frontier Tracklist:
    01. All The Same
    02. Living My Life
    03. Breaker
    04. Duplex Planet (feat. Tim Gane of Stereolab on Electronic Harpsichord)
    05. Take Care (feat. James Cargill of Broadcast on Synthesisers and Tapes)
    06. Leather and Wood
    07. Snakeskin (feat. Zumi Rosow on Treated Alto Saxophone)
    08. Ad Astra
    09. Carrion