Stream: The Belligerents’ new EP OUTSIDE: IN

Brisbane indie rockers overcame obstacles, reinvented themselves on their latest offering


    Brisbane’s The Belligerents have done well for themselves in their native country of Australia. The indie rockers have two EPs under their belts, 2011’s Less Arty More Party and 2012’s She Calls the Shots, and have had numerous spins on the country’s triple j radio network. Additionally, the group’s various band members have gone on to help form a handful of local acts, such as Orphan Orphans, The Furrs, and The Jungle Giants.

    Their journey to homegrown stardom hasn’t been without its speed bumps, however. In fact, while working on their forthcoming EP, OUTSIDE:IN, the band found themselves facing challenges from nearly every front. The Belligerents’ bassist, Konstantin Kersting, who also produced and engineered the EP, explained to Consequence of Sound:

    “The EP was written and recorded over the past three years. A lot of stuff happened in that time. We split with our long time manager and at one point we were all pretty sure that we weren’t going to continue making music as The Belligerents — it felt like we had been drained of all of our energy and that we weren’t gelling creatively as we had in the past. The boys all went and did their own things (Orphans Orphans, Morning Harvey, Moses Gunn Collective, The Furrs, Family Jordan) and for a solid year or two we didn’t really do anything as a band.”

    Smaller obstacles have derailed acts, but luckily, The Belligerents decided to regroup, a choice that essentially saved the band. What’s more, like a blessing in disguise, the tumultuous period led them to take their music and creativity to the next level, according to Kersting:

    “It was only when we went back into the studio and started recording these new songs that we started feeling passionate about the whole thing again. It was the first time that we self-produced and ultimately I think that’s what got us all excited about the band again. It kind of felt like for the first time we were recording and putting out the kind of music we wanted to make and it was sounding the way that we had previously imagined it in our head. We experimented a lot more with sounds and tried to make things more interesting — sonically, musically and lyrically.”


    The end result of OUTSIDE: IN, which officially arrives on October 23rd, is a testament not only to the band’s perseverance, but also marks something of a new chapter — one filled with a fresh sense of confidence and adventure. Opening cut “In My Way” sets the tone of the five-track effort, a driving rocker that then segues into a pair of groovy and psychedelic Tame Impala-esque jams in “Voices” and “Shake It”.

    Stream the full OUTSIDE: IN EP below.

    OUTSIDE: IN Tracklist:
    01. In My Way
    02. Voices
    03. Shake It
    04. Outside: IN
    05. Looking at You (Extended Version)


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