Top 10 Songs of the Week (10/16)


    The end of the year is swiftly creeping up on us, and we’re still waiting for a whole slew of overdue surprise albums. But until those busy stars pay us what they owe us, we’ve still got plenty of new tunes to chew on. This week brought return hits from indie pop powerhouses Chairlift and MØ, as well as a breakout single from young pop punk upstarts Slutface. EMA weighed in on mass shooters, Eddi Front shone some light on mental illness, and Rome Fortune sank into his melodic side — a good mix even for the most impatient among us.

    10. MØ – “Kamikaze”

    mo diplo kamakazi

    As far as Diplo collaborations go, “Kamikaze” keeps things fairly relaxed, though Danish singer can’t help but leak in a little doomsday. “We got one, two, three until the end of the world,” she sings, as though that’s no cause for alarm, just an excuse to party a little harder while we’ve still got time. Diplo supplies one of his snaking synth riffs, for his part, taking a tip from his work with Jack Ü and practically dueting with MØ’s vocal melody at the end of the chorus. “Kamikaze” could have slipped in easily next to a certain Bieber-assisted megahit, but as a standalone, it makes a breezy addition to MØ’s growing arsenal of singles. –Sasha Geffen

    09. Bicep – “Malima”

    Bicep Malima

    It’s always heartwarming when we can celebrate some altruism generated from the dance floor. Exploring a new sound some have dubbed “tropical techno,” “Malima” is still the result of classic hardware: the KORG Poly 800, MPC 200XL, TR606, and some analog pan drums. Being totally unaware of how Bicep attacks these legendary machines makes no difference; the ignorance only expedites the emersion into this mid-tempo groove. Grab the track now via Juno and help a battered soul halfway across the globe. Released in conjunction with charity label Craigie Knows, all proceeds go to the War Child organization, which supports children whose lives have been impacted by conflict. –Derek Staples

    08. METZ – “Eraser”

    Metz // Photo by Philip Cosores
    Photo by Philip Cosores

    Toronto noise rock trio METZ typically sound at least a little post-apocalyptic, as if their tunes are emanating from the bowels of a bombed-out city where the last remaining humans have to gnash their teeth and scrabble through rubble. That’s no different on new single “Eraser”, which opens with a shelling of scattered drums and frontman Alex Edkins viciously chanting the song’s title and only sinks further into the mire. Only a few months off the release of the frenetic, frantic METZ II, the group seems like they’ve still got plenty left in the tank. The menacing, start-stop burner will be backed by a tune called “Pure Auto” on a single due January 22nd through Three One G. —Adam Kivel

    07. EMA – “Active Shooter”


    This track isn’t the only politically charged selection on this week’s list, but it is certainly the most explicit. Not only does EMA’s “Active Shooter” rip sound bites from President Obama’s recent address in the wake of the shooting at Umpqua Community College, it unapologetically repurposes police training footage to further reinforce its post-industrial chaos. The distorted chants are buried beneath battered electronics; however, the repetition of “any kid in America” reinforces the frightening notion that, at this moment, anyone seems capable of these heinous acts of violence, and thus safety remains an elusive dream. When politicians have stalled on further gun control legislation, Erika M. Anderson keeps the dialogue alive. –Derek Staples