Trailer for “silent” film Gutterdämmerung stars Josh Homme, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, more — watch

Bjorn Tagemose rock epic to tour with full band and immersive experience


    For weeks now, Belgian-Swedish visual artist Bjorn Tagemose has been teasing his new post-apocalyptic rock epic Gutterdämmerung. He’s revealed a massive cast that includes Iggy PopEagles of Death Metal’s Josh Homme and Jesse HughesGrace Jones, Lemmy from Motörhead, Mark LaneganJusticeSlash, and more. Even Henry Rollins, who co-wrote the film, plays a starring role. Today, however, Tagemose provided our first actual look at the film by revealing its full-length trailer.

    The film is set in a world where God has banished sin from mankind by removing the Devil’s guitar, taking with it all the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. A disgruntled angel (Pop) returns the Evil Guitar to Earth, and an evil puritan priest (Rollins) is determined to see it destroyed.

    Though it’s still being advertised as “the loudest silent movie on Earth,” the two-and-half-minute teaser makes it clear that this isn’t exactly The Artist. There is dialogue and explosive sound effects, but it appears the world in which the action takes place is indeed silent, and it’s the power of rock that wakens everyone’s eardrums. We get glimpses of nearly every character, including Pop’s fallen angel, Lemmy’s tank-driving soldier, a bazooka-touting Homme, and a gun-slinging Hughes.


    What’s more, it seems that the film will actually tour with a full band. The trailer says the screenings will be “an explosive cinematic show accompanied by a live rock and roll band.” From the looks of it, the set will include pyrotechnics and some wild immersive effects.

    Check out the trailer below.

    No screening dates have been revealed, but tickets for a London show go on sale October 14th via the movie’s website. Below, read the official synopsis.

    The film is set in a world where God has saved the world from sin by taking from mankind the Devil’s ‘Grail of Sin’…..the Evil Guitar. The Earth has now turned into a puritan world where there is no room for sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll.

    From up on high in heaven a “punk-angel”, Vicious (portrayed by Iggy Pop), looks upon the world with weary bored eyes. Behind God’s back, Vicious sends the Devil’s guitar back to earth and sin in all its forms returns to mankind.

    An evil puritan priest (Henry Rollins) manipulates a naive girl to retrieve the guitar and destroy it. On her quest to find the Devil’s Grail Of Sin, the girl is forced to face the world’s most evil rock and roll bastards. Throughout her journey, she has a rival in the form of a rock chick determined to stop her from destroying the instrument.

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