Wax Fang shares new song “Exit Strategy” — listen

Louisville psych rockers go to new extremes

Exit Strategy

Louisville, Kentucky psych rockers Wax Fang seem to gain strength as they go along. Since releasing their 2005 debut, Black And Endless Night, the duo has built up and pushed their sound to ear-shaking extremes. Their sophomore album, La La Land, saw them bridging sonic highs and emotional lows, a sound that fit equally well on episodes of American Dad! and on the road with My Morning Jacket. It didn’t seem like they could get much more epic after last year’s release of The Astronaut, a rock opera about a space traveler who’s pulled into a black hole and emerges with godlike abilities. But not even celestial evolutions can quell Wax Fang’s ambitions, and now they’ve emerged once again with a forceful new song called “Exit Strategy”.

The one-off single is five minutes of combustible energy. Rattling synth-bass tones drone underneath frontman Scott Carney’s devilish vocals. He croons in a monotone for the verses, building suspense before reaching for soaring high notes on the chorus. Guitar lines drip in the background against skittering drum patterns, adding a sense of surrealism to the menacing track. As the song progresses, Carney’s voice gets more distorted and effected. It’s a brutal and hypnotizing track that never loses the band’s psych rock sense of atmosphere.

Listen in below.

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