Jimmy Eat World to reissue five records on vinyl, including Stay on My Side Tonight EP

In celebration of the band's 20th anniversary


    Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the major label debut from alternative rock stalwarts Jimmy Eat World. To mark the mammoth occasion, the band has just announced a fresh slate of vinyl reissues all scheduled to hit stores this December.

    Coming from Universal Music Catalogue, the reissues cover the band’s first eight years of major releases, including 1996’s Static Prevails, 1999’s beloved Clarity, 2001’s breakout Bleed American, and 2004’s Futures.

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    Also on the docket is the first-ever vinyl printing of Jimmy Eat World’s 2005 five-track Stay on My Side Tonight EP. Originally released digitally before receiving a CD printing, the EP features three new tracks plus a cover of Heatmiser’s “Half Right” and a remix of Futures’ “Drugs or Me”.

    All the reissues will be double-LPs except Bleed American and Stay on My Side Tonight, which will see release on December 4th and 18th, respectively. The three other albums will hit stores on December 11th. Find their complete tracklists below.

    Bleed American Tracklist:
    01. Bleed American
    02. A Praise Chorus
    03. The Middle
    04. Your House
    05. Sweetness
    06. Hear You Me
    07. If You Don’t, Don’t
    08. Get It Faster
    09. Cautioners
    10. The Authority Song
    11. My Sundown
    12. (Splash) Turn Twist


    Stay on My Side Tonight EP Tracklist:
    01. Disintegration
    02. Over
    03. Closer
    04. Half Right (Heatmiser cover)
    05. Drugs or Me (Styrofoam remix)

    Static Prevails Tracklist:
    01. Thinking, That’s All
    02. Rockstar
    03. Claire
    04. Call It In The Air
    05. Seventeen
    06. Episode IV
    07. Digits
    08. Caveman
    09. World Is Static
    10. In The Same Room
    11. Robot Factory
    12. Anderson Mesa
    13. 77 Satellites
    14. What Would I Say To You Now

    Clarity Tracklist:
    01. Table For Glasses
    02. Lucky Denver Mint
    03. Your New Aesthetic
    04. Believe In What You Want
    05. A Sunday
    06. Crush
    07. 12.23.95
    08. Ten
    09. Just Watch The Fireworks
    10. For Me This Is Heaven
    11. Blister
    12. Clarity
    13. Goodbye Sky Harbor
    14. Christmas Card
    15. Sweetness – Demo


    Futures Tracklist:
    01. Futures
    02. Just Tonight
    03. Work
    04. Kill
    05. The World You Love
    06. Pain
    07. Drugs Or Me
    08. Polaris
    09. Nothing Wrong
    10. Night Drive
    11. 23
    12. Shame

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