Stream: Rustie’s surprise album EVENIFYOUDONTBELIEVE

The follow-up to last year's Green Language has arrived


    Scottish producer Rustie released more material in the last four weeks than most artists do in an entire year. First came “160 Hospital Riddim”, written from a hospital bed where he was receiving treatment for diabetes, followed by back-to-back cuts in “First Mythz” and “Peace Upzzz”.

    Today, he’s dropped the grand finale, a surprise album called EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE which includes all three aforementioned tracks, as well 12 (!) more originals. The official follow-up to 2014’s Green Language, and Rustie’s third overall, also has a number of songs in which the Glasgow native can be heard playing the guitar and other various instruments (these are labeled as “featuring Rustie”).

    Spotify users can stream EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE in its entirety below. It’s also available via Apple Music and purchasable through Warp Records.


    01. Coral Elixrr (feat. Rustie)
    02. First Mythz
    03. Atlantean Airship
    04. 4Eva (feat. Rustie)
    05. Big Catzz
    06. Peace Upzzz (feat. Rustie)
    07. Your Goddezz
    08. Coral Castelz
    09. What U Mean (feat. Rustie)
    10. Morning Starr (feat. Rustie)
    11. Death Bliss
    12. New Realm
    13. Emerald Tabletz
    14. Open Heartzz
    15. 444Sure (feat. Rustie)

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