Top 10 Songs of the Week (11/6)


    If you weren’t aware, we here at CoS were pretty involved with James Bond this week. Particularly of interest? The theme songs, which ranged from absolute jams to some … well … we don’t need to mention some of them. The songs on this list, however, pack some real punch, without a stinker amongst them. Take a look through and you might even find your own personal theme song.

    10. Noun – “Loveblood”

    Nina Corcoran, Consequence of Sound, Screaming Females 4

    If her new solo album is anything to go by, I bet Marissa Paternoster had an incredible Halloween. The Screaming Females frontwoman has taken to her solo project, Noun, to drop a 10-track album gruesomely titled Throw Your Body on the Gears and Stop the Machine with Your Blood. On the second track, “Loveblood”, Paternoster does a great impression of a sentimental zombie, moaning “I want your love, I want your blood” over grainy synths, scraping guitars and a supremely catchy rhythm. Paternoster’s lyrics are dark and dramatic: “It’s on your skin, this mess I’m in, sip too sour,” she sings. “And it all depends on how I spend my last hour.” –Karen Gwee

    09. Banks – “Better”


    A simple, yet entrancing vocal loop runs through the latest single from Banks, the golden thread that ties together her gorgeous vocals and the minimal instrumentation. “I can love you better than she can,” she cries, momentarily supported by chunks of brightly glowing synth and splashes of percussion before returning to airy space. More than anything, this is an excellent platform for Jillian Rose Banks, demonstrating the evocative, skyscraping vocals she can wield like a weapon. The song’s passionate take on dark R&B pop totally justifies her recent placement as the opener for The Weeknd’s upcoming tour. Luckily, the premier of “Better” also came with the promise of a new album, likely due sometime early in 2016.  –Adam Kivel

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