Kanye West and Queens of the Stone Age mashup album works surprisingly well — listen

Songs from Yeezus, Era Vulgaris, and more are fused to make gritty anthems


    French producer ToTom has been whipping together mashups since 2005, but his latest project just might take the cake. Titled Kanye of the Stone Age, it sees Kanye West and Queens of the Stone Age songs woven together to form gritty, hard-edged rap anthems.

    Among the collection’s 12 tracks: “Black Skinhead Does It Again”, which couples Yeezus cut “Black Skinhead” and Songs for the Deaf selection “Do It Again”; “Jesus Walks with the Flow”, a fusion of The College Dropout highlight “Jesus Walks” and “Go With the Flow” from Deaf; and “Make It Wit Barry Bonds”, which combines Graduation’s “Barry Bonds” and Era Vulgaris number “Make It Wit Chu”.

    According to ToTom, he’s “put so much energy into” Kanye of the Stone Age, having worked on it for the last 12 months. “I packed the first half of the present album quite rapidly a year ago but as it started to become an important project (plus the media fuss around Kanye West and his new tracks released in between), I took my time and as I was waiting for an artwork, I found new ideas, improved other tracks. I even added another bonus track that’ll be fitter to play for a packed dancefloor,” he explained on the album’s Bandcamp page.


    He added, “In each track, I made two of my currently most favorite artists meet along with a few guests here and there. It’s been a while since I wanted to produce an ‘artist 1’ vs. ‘artist 2’ concept album so I dug a little into my ‘vaults’ and found my own concept by mixing two artists different enough that I both enjoy listening to (and not just picking the best selling from last year).”

    Stream Kanye of the Stone Age in full below.

    The mashup LP is also available for free download here; ToTom said any payments received will be given to Josh Homme’s Sweet Stuff Foundation, which is currently seeking donations for victims of the Paris terror attacks.


    Kanye of the Stone Age Tracklist:
    01. Black Skinhead Does It Again
    02. Gonna Leave You Heartless
    03. Better It Giveth
    04. Jesus Walks with the Flow
    05. Novae Servae
    06. Get the Millionaires High
    07. No One Knows King Crimson’s Power
    08. Diamonds into the Hollow
    09. Another Love Lockdown Song (2015 Remake)
    10. Make It Wit Barry Bonds
    11. Tree Digger
    12. Runaway in the Fade

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