Most people don’t find “the one” in high school, but consider Powerkompany an exception to the rule. Though composer Andrew Heaton and vocalist Marie Davon didn’t become involved romantically until much later, they did forge a musical partnership during those early years. It started with Davon singing parts on Heaton’s debut solo record, A(n) Stimulated Complaint. Afterward, Davon shared some of her own compositions with Heaton and the two began trading tracks back and forth, culminating with the release of Powerkompany’s 2011 debut EP, Comfort.

    They put out their full-length debut, 2013’s I Am More Than This, foregoing the wandering of their early work and flexing their synth-pop muscles. More focused than ever, Powerkompany are looking to raise the ambitions with the February 5th release of their two-part album, Fever and Chills, recorded with Bright Eyes’ Andy LeMaster. As a preview their confident revival, they’ve shared a new song from Fever called “Can’t Cry”.

    From the opening synthesizer bellows, it’s clear that the track is reaching for new epic heights. It recalls the celebratory sounds of ’80s radio, where every song felt like the listener’s personal anthem. Davon’s voice soars through the clamoring drums and blasts of horns as she relives a bad trip to New Orleans. “I was hanging out on Bourbon street with a guy I was sort of dating at the time,” Davon recalls to Consequence of Sound. “Typical of a New Orleans experience, I can barely remember exactly what happened, but I found myself walking alone up and down the street trying to force myself to cry about being alone, but I couldn’t. The city was almost better when I was alone in it and had the freedom to wander amongst the parades of people. Somehow the song just formed from immersing myself back into that experience.”


    “Can’t Cry” is a thrilling nostalgia trip while also ushering in a new age for the band. Listen in below.