Rambo TV series officially in the works at Fox

Rambo: New Blood has Sylvester Stallone attached as an executive producer, with the option to star


At the beginning of the year, Sylvester Stallone confirmed work on what would be a fifth and final entry in the Rambo franchise. Rambo: Last Blood has since been put on indefinite hold, but there’s still some life in ol’ John Rambo. Fox has just closed a development deal to begin work on a TV series entitled Rambo: New Blood.

The series is said to focus on Stallone’s iconic Vietnam vet and his son, J.R. Though never present or mentioned in any of the Rambo films, J.R. is reportedly an ex-Navy SEAL and was created as an anchor for the series.

Despite the new character, Rambo himself is also said to play a feature role in the show. Whether or not Stallone himself will reprise the role is not yet clear, though he is attached as an executive producer alongside Millennium Films’ Avi Lerner. Jeb Stuart, screenwriter for such iconic actioners as Die Hard and The Fugitive, will pen the script for the series pilot. Entertainment One and Millennium Films have been attempting to produce a Rambo TV show for almost two years, and this new deal puts it closer to reality than ever.

Rambo isn’t the only Stallone franchise Fox is taking a crack at, either. The network is currently developing an Expendables event series that would unite “iconic TV stars” in the same way the film series brought together beloved action stars. Beyond that, Fox is working on Lethal Weapon show, while Taken prequel is coming to NBC, and CBS has ordered a pilot for Training Day series.

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