Soft Fangs shares nostalgic new song “The Air” — listen

Brooklyn songwriter records lo-fi debut in his childhood home

The Light The Air

There are few things that stir up those nostalgic feelings more than a person’s childhood home. It’s the physical epitome of youth and years gone by. For some, it’s a comforting place to return to during the holidays; for others, it’s a distant memory or a location they cringe to revisit. For John Lutkevich, the songwriter behind Soft Fangs, his old house became an inspiration.

As he was working on the follow-up to his self-titled debut EP, he holed himself up in the house he grew up in. There, he recorded songs about death and mused about life with guitars, drums, and keyboards. The results are bedroom-pop in its truest form and captured on Soft Fangs’ debut full-length, The Light, out March 18th via Disposable America on vinyl and Exploding In Sound on cassette.

The album’s lead single, “The Air”, musically captures both the tenderness and anxieties that can happen in those formative, youthful years at home. Overblown guitars crunch against pummeling drums as Lutkevich coos softly like a small voice trying to break through the noise of life. It feels like an old demo left in the attic for 20 years, but one that’s aged particularly. Though the song may have been written in his childhood home, it sees Lutkevich tackling very adult themes. “I wanted to write a song about someone jumping off a bridge, both in the metaphysical and literal sense,” he tells Consequence of Sound. “The air represents the space between thoughts and actions, where everything is indeterminate. In my opinion, it’s the moment that occurs right before death and right before enormous creative discovery.”

Listen in below.

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