Guy travels over a thousand miles because of Huey Lewis and The News — watch

Michael Feld proves the heart of rock and roll really is all across America


Hang around long enough with Film Editor Justin Gerber, and you’ll likely hear him reference Huey Lewis and The News’ 1984 single “The Heart of Rock and Roll”. He’s been doing it for years now, and it’s a pretty funny obsession of his. But his ironic love for the song is no match for this guy: unregistered psychopath Michael Feld.

As Gothamist reports, Feld visited every city listed in Lewis’ infamous jukebox jam, specifically New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Philadelphia, Boston, Baton Rouge, Tulsa, Austin, Oklahoma City, Seattle, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Detroit. That’s 12,082 miles through “11 planes, 4 trains, and in 5 rental cars.”

But, why? He did it “not only as a tribute to Huey Lewis but to prove that the heart of rock & roll is indeed still alive and beating.” And really, you gotta applaud the guy’s efforts. In the four-minute clip, he sings and dances across several American landmarks, cutting to the jovial, polyester core of the San Francisco crooner.

Shake your heads in disbelief below.

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