Katrine Ottoson, better known as Danish synthpop artist CALLmeKAT, has spent much of her musical career exploring the dichotomies that shape her everyday life. In particular, she’s time and time again come back to the same duality: nature vs. the inorganic.

    This ongoing theme can be attributed not only to her music, which literally marries electronics with more traditional instruments, but also to her upbringing. Ottoson grew up in the Danish countryside, bound my lush forests; nowadays, she can often be found on tour, in a different city on any given day, living a life of bustling transience as opposed to peaceful stillness.

    For her latest EP, dubbed Mouth of Time, this dichotomy was felt at an even higher level. Though it retains the pop elements previously heard on her synth-driven releases, as Ottoson tells Consequence of Sound, the five-track effort serves as “the first collection of songs I have done that are exclusively written on guitar.”


    The title track, which we premiered last month, is all earth and soul, dusty finger snaps and Ottoson’s impassioned voice leading the way. Elsehwere, tambourines quiver (“Play with Fire”), and bluesy organs rise and fall, hum and hiss, in places synthesizers might have otherwise been (“Distant Night”).

    Perhaps more importantly, it’s something of a musical snapshot of a time in her life where her touring life and home life felt at odds with one another more than ever Ottoson explains to CoS:

    “My main inspiration was a time in my life, where everything seemed to be shifting. Almost like time was changing its skin. It felt very significant. My father passed away and I was touring a lot. Between touring I went home and spent weeks next to my father. This experience and the opposites of life on the road and saying farewell to my parent was almost primal to me. The title is a reflection of that feeling. Your mouth is one of the most personal parts of your body. Your mouth is life, it is where you take in oxygen, it is where the sound of you comes out, it is where you voice your opinions. I wanted to capture this and the psychedelic sense of time I was experiencing, with a simple but sort of organic title.”

    Stream all of Mouth of Time below.