The ’70s are alive and weird in Savoy Motel’s video for “Hot One” — watch

Kooky Nashville boogie rockers deliver their debut single in signature style


Nashville has always had its own way of doing things, and the same goes for the city’s resident boogie rockers, Savoy Motel. The quartet play a style of funky rock that feels somehow detached from the reality of the present, or really any reality at all. It’s slick yet shambolic, grooving yet kooky — the fact that writer/producer/bassist Jeffrey Novak occasionally sings through a jaw harp certainly helps in that latter category. Even their recording habits are atypical, having already canned three entire albums yet released not a one.

That’ll change when the band finally drops their self-titled debut record later this year. According to Novak, they spent six months on Savoy Motel, with a solid two going almost exclusively to lead single “Hot One”. The funky song will be available as a 7-inch single b/w “Souvenir Shop Rock” via the band’s own merchandising wing, Official Memorabilia, in the near future, but they’re previewing it today with the track’s ridiculously ’70s video. The clip follows a sax player (“the Hot One”) as he searches for his big hit, with scenes of Savoy Motel swaying in their quirky way cut throughout.

Check it out below.

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