Portland garage pop trio Hey Lover share new single “Nancy” — listen

A sweet, leisurely pop song that lives up to its DIY reference points


A keen sense of romance is practically baked into Portland garage poppers Hey Lover. Husband and wife Justin and Terah Beth formed the group on their wedding night, and it’s been all Xs and Os ever since.

The band’s latest single, “Nancy”, encapsulates their charm like a heart-shaped box and makes it easy to see why they’ve become such a hit with esteemed Portland lo-fi label Hovercraft. The track combines Jonathan Richman’s lazy sense of wonder with a sweet, leisurely melody that evokes Beat Happening, or maybe a Ramones 45” played at 33 RPM. Throw some guy-girl harmonies over the chorus and — oh, be still, my heart!

“Nancy” comes accompanied with an animated music video created by Cain Hendricks, who clearly understands the band’s DIY pop reference points.

The single will appear on Hey Lover’s upcoming third full-length, Sinking Ships, which is due out in May via Hovercraft Records. Preorder the album here.

“Nancy” single artwork:

hl nancy 1500 Portland garage pop trio Hey Lover share new single “Nancy”    listen

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