RJD2 shares soulful song “We Come Alive” featuring Son Little — listen

A slick guest spot from the Philly producer's new album, Dame Fortune


Photo by​ Nick Fancher

RJD2 has always had a bit of soul in his sound, but he appears to be taking it to the umpth level on his new album, Dame Fortune. From what we’ve heard of the follow-up to 2013’s More Is Than Isn’t thus far — lead single “Peace of What” and the largely instrumental “The Sheboygan Left”, it’s clear the producer is enjoying a slick new feel. What better way to explore this funky new side of himself than by teaming with a rising name in R&B/soul circles, fellow Philadelphian Son Little.

Little joins RJD2 on new track “We Come Alive”, a glittering cut of diamond soul with sexy horns bouncing off tremolo violin notes. Over some smoky piano notes, Little’s voice is a sturdy and alluring as ever as he sings, “You just living life/ It’s only rock and roll besides/ We’ll stoop so long to get so high/ Diamonds flashing all in my eyes.” Take a listen below.

Dame Fortune is out March 25th via RJ’s own Electrical Connections.

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