Stream: OhBree’s unruly new EP, Feed Me Poison

A four-song odyssey into a world of weirdo guitar riffs and off-kilter piano arrangements


    Photo by Emily Dubin

    It’s difficult enough to get a band going with three or four members, but the nine members of orchestral Philadelphia punk band OhBree laugh in the face of logistics. This volatile group of songwriters is all about shenanigans on their new Feed Me Poison EP, a four-song odyssey into a world of weirdo guitar riffs, off-kilter piano arrangements, and random bursts of horns. Songs like “C’est La Vie” are so infectiously poppy that they almost come across as unserious, but it takes a peculiar kind of dedication to pull off a band of this magnitude.

    The songs on the Feed Me Poison EP came about while OhBree were cranking out demos for a new LP at Sleepless Sound Studio in Philly. According to vocalist/piano player Andrew Scott, “these four songs stood out as an awesome representation of our personality. I love to write songs about weird made up characters, and the dry sarcasm of every member in the band made for a humorous record.”

    As with lots of bands that specialize in goofball pop — Ween especially comes to mind — not everything is hunky dory below the surface. “We’re always letting our darker and more anxious sounds bust through the seams of our goofy-suit,” explains Scott, neglecting to describe what a goofy-suit might look like.


    Feed Me Poison drops on March 11th, but you can stream the whole EP below.

    Feed Me Poison EP Artwork:

     Stream: OhBrees unruly new EP, Feed Me Poison

    Credit: Kate Otte

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