Damon Albarn’s score to be released

A modernized take on Alice in Wonderland

Damon Albarn 2015

    Damon Albarn recently composed music for, a new theatrical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. On April 29th, Albarn’s soundtrack will be released on CD and vinyl for the first time through Parlophone Records.

    A modernized take on Lewis Caroll’s classic novel, explores the blurred boundaries between our online and offline lives through a teenager named Aly. As she struggles with the pressures of adolescence, “she discovers – a mysterious online world where she hopes to create a whole new life.” is currently being shown at the Olivier Theatre in London. Below, watch a trailer for the production, which features snippets of Albarn’s music. The soundtrack’s artwork and tracklist follows.


    Songs From Artwork:

    Wonderland score

    Songs From Tracklist:
    01. Entre Act
    03. Fabulous
    04. Me
    05. Secrets
    06. In Clover
    07. Avatars Holding Page
    08. Who Are You
    09. I’m Right
    10. Everyone Loves Charlie
    11. Japanese Duchess
    12. Man of Broken Glass
    13. Alice Saw

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