10 Songs We Want to Hear on The Cure’s 2016 Tour

A handful of gems guaranteed to make the guyliner run in any city


    Photo by Debi Del Grande

    The Cure definitely want you to get your money’s worth when they play live. The long-running British pop group is known for long, long sets of music, followed by as many as four encores. And not just one song and done. We’re talking encores that can stretch on for a while as they play songs from the group’s extensive discography. Famously, the group also changes up their setlist from show to show, mixing in the familiar hits with plenty of deep cuts and rare gems.

    For as great and varied as their live sets are, there are many songs that Robert Smith and co. either hardly ever play or have long since phased out of their sets. But if you scroll through the band’s listings on or dig through live bootleg footage/recordings, you’ll find them dropping the occasional surprise in the mix of fan favorites, like “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Why Can’t I Be You?”. With that in mind, we’ve picked out 10 songs from throughout The Cure’s catalog that we hope to hear during their upcoming run of shows here in North America.

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