Andrew Garfield to star in David Robert Mitchell’s noir thriller Under the Silver Lake

It Follows director will move the action from Detroit to Los Angeles


One of last year’s most talked about films was David Robert Mitchell’s terrifying horror hit It Follows. Seemingly overnight, the Michigan filmmaker joined the ranks of Ti West and Adam Wingard as one of the go-to genre directors in the industry. Now, he’s going to capitalize on that momentum with the modern-day crime noir thriller, Under the Silver Lake.

What’s more, he’s tapping some A-list talent to headline his film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Garfield has signed on to star in the Los Angeles-set production. Similar to Mitchell, Garfield is also coming off a stellar year, having turned plenty of heads in Ramin Bahrani’s exceptional 99 Homes. Not everyone can go toe to toe with Michael Shannon.

There aren’t any further details about Under the Silver Lake, which is admittedly for the better. One of the stronger hallmarks of It Follows was going in without knowing a thing. Here’s hoping Mitchell can keep that mystery afloat again, especially once production begins this summer around the City of Angels. That’s not exactly an easy thing to do.

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