Band of Horses are held hostage by monsters in new video for “Casual Party” — watch

Now the band's bizarre Colbert performance all makes sense


Band of Horses invited a handful of strange creature friends to join them during their appearance on the Late Show earlier this week. It seemed completely random at the time (and stumped this writer), but now it all makes sense: The bizarre beasts are the stars of the group’s new music video for “Casual Party”.

The clip sees these monsters holding Band of Horses hostage at a creepy freak party. What’s even creepier is that the band members don’t seem to mind one bit, as they carry on playing their instruments and singing along even while tied up. There’s a mutant octopus hanging out in a tub full of cheese doodles; a very toothy fella obsessed with brushing his pearly whites; creatures that literally look like deranged relatives of Cousin It; and some that are half human, half pug. It’s like Saves the Day’s “Freakish” video but well, way, way more freakish.

Watch above.

Band of Horses’ upcoming Jason Lytle-produced record, Why Are You OK, arrives on June 10th through Interscope.

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