California troubadour Ethan Burns lets the sun shine in on first single “Homeward” — listen

Songwriter from California's Central Coast shares his first slice of soulful rock


There’s not a ton of info out there on Californian singer-songwriter Ethan Burns. Still, it’s fairly easy — and quite fun, actually — to pick out this rollicking troubadour’s influences using only his first single, “Homeward”, as a guide. Van Morrison is a big one, though Burns’ voice is a bit huskier, a bit more full-bodied than the Irish crooner’s. A more contemporary comparison that checks out with flying colors is American soul singer Leon Bridges, which should probably tell you all you need to know about Burns — i.e. that he’s definitely worth checking out.

Though Burns’ lyrics in “Homeward” allude to a tempestuous on-off relationship, the 25-year-old songwriter can’t help but have some fun with the material. He sounds positively ecstatic at various points throughout the song, as if he’s working out his issues by vocalizing them as loudly and as energetically as possible. There’s an attractive grittiness to the track and to Burns’ persona in general. You get the feeling that he’s seen the worst life can throw at him but hasn’t let it get him down.

Check out “Homeward” below.

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