Cerise premieres brooding new single “St. Nick” — listen

The singer-songwriter's debut album Smoke Screen Dreams is due to be released on June 24th


    Chicago-based singer-songwriter Cerise’s music is imbued in a sense of mystery and darkness. Even the title of her debut record, Smoke Screen Dreams (set to be self-released on June 24th), speaks to both attributes. On the LP’s cover, she hides behind a rich purple tint and her hand covers her eyes — the windows to her soul, to be cliché. Cerise’s work only serves to deepen the mystique, and that includes new single “St. Nick”.

    Cerise lists Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, and Bauhaus as some of her main influences, saying in a press release that, “The darkness and beauty of those bands seduced me.” Her deep and suave vocals on “St. Nick” are the biggest testament to that: As she sings, “Taste of devil/ Talk in dirty/ These emptier streets/ Lay home in recovery”, her voice floats over the focal bass line, evoking the sultry aura of Initials B.B.-era Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

    “I was thinking about a relationship once that turns into a deal, so that each will get what they want but only to sell the relationship off with it,” Cerise tells Consequence of Sound of the song. She captures this by playing with lyrical opposites of joy (“Awaiting St. Nick/ And family glory”) and despair (“Run away to abandon/ Snowflakes and soirees”).


    Listen to “St. Nick” below.

    Smoke Screen Dreams Album Artwork:

    Cerise Shades In ShadeSmoke Screen Dreams Tracklist:
    01. Smoke Screen Dreams
    02. Shades In Shade
    03. To Go Away
    04. You Like Night
    05. Mourning Birds
    06. St. Nick
    07. Waiting On Fading
    08. It’s Not Raining Anymore
    09. Lay Low

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