Robert Ellis shares video for touching new single “How I Love You” — watch

In which the folk singer-songwriter finds himself literally alone in love in the big city


    Love has a strange way of making you feel diametrically opposed sensations all at once. On the one hand, you can feel on top of the world; on the other, you can feel completely alone within it. It’s a dichotomy that Robert Ellis captures in touching precision with his new song and video, “How I Love You”.

    The track itself, the lead single off Ellis’ forthcoming self-titled LP, beats along like a heart skipping a beat. Drums thud and piano pounds as guitars sing strains of empowerment, mirroring that rush of blood one feels when the panic of uncertainty is suddenly washed away by the sight of a beloved. If there’s something in the structure that feels like it could’ve been lifted from Delta Spirit’s own 2012 self-titled release, that’s not a coincidence; “How I Love You” was penned by that band’s frontman, Matthew Logan Vasquez.

    As for the Cullen Kelly-directed video, Ellis wakes to find himself completely alone in an abandoned city. The highways, the bars, the buses are all empty. The indie folk singer-songwriter can do nothing but wander, searching for his love as he sings, “And they can take everything/ Break everything/ If you still know how I love you.”


    “Cullen came to me with the concept of shooting a video in a major metropolitan area and making it feel completely empty,” Ellis explains to Consequence of Sound. “I think the city is the third character in this video. The idea is that falling in love has the power to bring a whole world into existence that wasn’t there before.”

    Watch the video and listen to the track above. “How I Love You” is the lead single off Robert Ellis, due out June 3rd via New West Records. Pre-orders are going on here, and you can find the artwork and tracklisting below.

    Robert Ellis Album Artwork:


    Robert Ellis Tracklist:
    01. Perfect Strangers
    02. How I Love You
    03. California
    04. Amanda Jane
    05. Drivin’
    06. The High Road
    07. Elephant
    08. You’re Not The One
    09. Screw
    10. Couples Skate
    11. It’s Not Ok


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