Stream: Beverly’s new album The Blue Swell

The indie rock duo explore healing and rebirth in their sophomore album


    Brooklyn-based indie pop rockers Beverly have undergone some changes recently. After lead singer Drew Citron (formerly of Avan Lava) and Frankie Rose (Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls) had some creative differences, Rose departed the band, leaving Citron “shattered.” But Citron had always been the creative drive behind the project, and so she soldiered on. She recruited Scott Rosenthal as a bassist/guitarist, sought seclusion in the frozen North, and set about recording Beverly’s sophomore album, The Blue Swell.

    Even in its name, The Blue Swell signifies sadness and an injury that’s yet to be healed. While disagreeing with a friend is never pleasant, this album is Citron’s chance to heal the wound and follow the artistic direction she wishes to take. Recorded by a lake up near Canada, Citron took a break from bustling New York City life to recenter and focus on the record. The town inspired a darker streak to her music, as she tells Consequence of Sound, “In the night it was eerie and quiet and you could hear yourself breathe.” While the entire album was written “on the shore of this lake, the swells lapping against boats,” the echoey and enchanting song “Lake House” in particular is dedicated to where they stayed.

    Beverly’s debut record, Careers, had a breezy, almost California feel to it, but what marks The Blue Swell as an advancement is the inclusion of different sounds. Tracks like “Crooked Cop” and “South Collins” mesh fuzzy indie rock with with the jangly and cleaner sound of glam rock guitars.The Blue Swell sees Citron stay true to her roots while simultaneously finding ways to evolve as a musician.


    The Blue Swell is set to release on May 6th on Kanine Records, but you can listen early via the exclusive stream below.

    Pre-order the album on Bandcamp here.

    The Blue Swell Tracklist:
    01. Bulldozer
    02. Crooked Cop
    03. You Said It
    04. Victoria
    05. South Collins
    06. Lake House
    07. Contact
    08. The Smokey Pines
    09. You Used To Be A Good Girl
    10. Don’t Wanna Fight