The Bluth Company stair car has the best cameo in Captain America: Civil War

A subtle homage to Arrested Development in the blockbuster's epic fight scene


Oh, those cheeky Russo Brothers. Before Anthony and Joe Russo became Marvel Studio’s new golden boys, the directing duo made a name for themselves directing TV comedies liked Arrested Development and Community. Not ones to forget their roots, the brothers have slipped familiar faces into each of their Captain America films. Danny Pudi — Abed Nadir from Communityshows up in Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Jim Rash — Dean Palton, also from Community — appears in Captain America: Civil War. But that’s not the only cameo the Russo’s tucked into their latest blockbuster.

The centerpiece of Civil War is the massive throwdown that takes place at Germany’s Leipzig-Halle airport. Already being called the best cinematic superhero battle ever filmed, the sequence also features one of the Russo’s best, most subtle homages. Parked back behind the action as Captain America and Ant-Man discuss their game plan sits a familiar vehicle: the Bluth Company stair car from Arrested Development. 

The Russos are not ones to cry about their old TV career. Instead, they built an airport, put the Bluth name on it. How much you want to bet a boat called Lucille or The C-Word gets blown up in Infinity War? Check out the Civil War scene in question below (via Reddit).


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