Chance the Rapper, Skrillex, and Hundred Waters perform “Show Me Love” remix on Colbert — watch

A feel-good performance from the worlds of hip-hop, indie, and EDM


Chance the RapperSkrillex, and Hundred Waters swung by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night to perform their remix of Hundred Waters’ “Show Me Love”, which was released back in March.

Previously, the band’s frontwoman Nicole Miglis described the track as “literally a journal entry I wrote to myself a few years ago, so seeing it become something bigger in the context of everyone involved was really special.” Skrillex added, “It’s all about love and positivity, what this world really needs right now.”

That positivity shined throughout their late-night set, with all three artists exchanging smiles and warm glances from across the stage. At certain moments, the feel-good performance even saw Chance, Skrillex, and Hundred Waters cozying up to share the mic.

Check it out above.

Earlier in the episode, Chance and Skrillex “remixed” portions of Colbert’s opening monologue. See that segment below, along with a fun promo for the episode.

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