Shia LaBeouf has a business oppurtunity for you in trailer for American Honey — watch

"You got anybody that's gonna miss you?... Okay, good. You're hired."


When Shia LaBeouf isn’t doing stunts like hitchhiking across America or riding an elevator for 24 hours, he’s actually making some powerful cinema on occasion. His most recent feature, American Honey, looks to be one of those films.

The Cannes favorite directed by Andrea Arnold stars LaBeouf as Jake, a traveling salesman leading a team of young, partying magazine hockers across the Midwest. He comes across a lost soul named Star (newcomer Sasha Lane) and convinces her to join his crew. “It’s a business opportunity — we go door-to-door, we sell magazines, we explore, like America, we party,” Jake tells Star. “Come with us.” She does, but finds that life on the road with Jake isn’t all that simple. There’s danger, both in the romance that sparks between the pair, and in the lifestyle this job entails.

It looks like a fascinating film, and with LaBeouf’s recent road trip and the rumors of him dating Lane in real life, one that seems very realistic. Check out the trailer above.

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