Stream: Lonely Island’s soundtrack for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

The comedy trio never stop bringing the laughs on their latest offering


As foolish, far-fetched (and sometimes vulgar) as majority of songs by The Lonely Island are, it’s difficult to deny they can be so damn catchy. Not to mention, they’re ideal for going viral. As of today, the latest offering from the comedy trio, the soundtrack for their film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, is available to stream on Spotify (below) and Apple Music.

The expansive 28-track album still only clocks in under an hour, at about 49 minutes. The album includes a handful of dialogue tracks ranging from 10-20 seconds, in which Conner4Real alerts fans of an upcoming (not so surprise) surprise “hot new single,” and Conner4Real and friends trying to recall a beat.

As a whole, the album includes an impressive lineup of guest artists such as Adam Levine, who collaborated on opening track “I’m So Humble”, Emma Stone, Akon, Chris Redd, Linkin Park, Michael Bolton, Mr. Fish, and Pink, who is featured on the only song unavailable to stream, “Equal Rights”.

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