Trailer for R-rated Batman v Superman cut reveals loads of new footage, Jena Malone — watch

The Ultimate Edition of Zack Snyder's critical flop is out later this month


What do you do when even one of your stars thinks your movie was an “overstuffed,” “very muddled” affair? If you’re Warner Bros. and your movie is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you add 30 minutes of footage, slap on an R rating, and call it the Ultimate Edition.

The much discussed re-cut of Zack Snyder’s critical (and some might argue comparative commercial) flop will see digital release on June 28th, with a Blu-ray edition following on July 19th. To hype what feels like the unhypeable, WB has shared a new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition. The preview tries its damnedest to make the flimsy motivations and plot points of the film feel compelling, but by the halfway mark just serves to remind you how loosely connected all those ideas really are.

What we do get, however, it loads of new footage. There are some new explosions from the desert scene that sets off the world’s fear of Superman (somehow), new dialogue reminding you that this Batman is harsher than past iterations, and — most excitingly — a first look at Jena Malone. (POTENTIAL SPOILER) Rumored to be playing a pre-Batgirl Barbara Gordon (END SPOILER), Malone was cut from the theatrical release, but reinserted for the Ultimate Edition. Because what this film really needed was more people whose motivations and characters couldn’t be fully explored.

Check out the trailer above.

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