A request for readers who like CoS on Facebook…

Here's how to ensure you always see our content in your news feed


Facebook recently made a significant change to its Facebook newsfeed that gives precedence to content posted by your family and friends. While we have nothing against your family and friends (we hope you even consider us one of them!) — the change significantly decreases the visibility of content published by news organizations such as Consequence of Sound — even for Facebook users who have liked our page. In the last six months alone, the reach of our Facebook posts has been cut in half — meaning content that you may find relevant or newsworthy goes unseen.

If you would like to continue seeing Consequence of Sound in your newsfeed, there’s a simple solution. Simply go to our page, click the “Like” button, and change the setting to “See First.”

We also ask that you continue to share any interesting, noteworthy content across all social media platforms so that your friends and family can also enjoy our original content.

As always, thanks for reading!

grohlpoint A request for readers who like CoS on Facebook...

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