Massive Attack reveal three new songs “Come Near Me”, “The Spoils”, and “Dear Friend” — listen

UK natives tease forthcoming EP via their Fantom iPhone app


Earlier this year, Massive Attack used their iPhone app Fantom to put out the four-track Ritual Spirit EP, their first release since 2010’s Heligoland. This week, the UK group return to Fantom to unveil three more new songs: “Come Near Me”, “The Spoils”, and “Dear Friend”.

Similar to the band’s initial app release, portions of the new material can be accessed by fans through various remixing functions as well as other features on the phone, such as location, movement, and camera. Download the app for yourself here and tune in.

Upon the release of Ritual Spirit, Massive Attack said they’d be issuing a second EP and a new full-length album before year’s end. It’s likely today’s songs are off one, or both, of the upcoming projects.

Revisit Ritual Spirit’s title track below.


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