Deap Vally are ready to break all the rules on new song “Gonnawanna” — listen

Another preview of the LA outfit's upcoming sophomore LP


    FEMEJISM is the forthcoming album from garage rock duo Deap Vally, due out next month through Nevado Music. In June, the Los Angeles natives previewed with the “fuck you” anthem “Smile More”. Now, they’ve got another rallying track up their sleeves in “Gonnawanna”.

    Not ones to adhere to the rules or take orders, Deap Vally make it known here that they are their own bosses. “I’m gonna do what I wanna! I’m gonna do it cause I wanna!” they mightily sing, fists raised in proclamation during the song’s opening minute. Step aside, ’cause clearly there’s no stopping these determined gals.

    Stream it below via BBC Radio 1.


    FEMEJISM, the follow-up to 2013’s Sistrionixwas produced by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s officially out September 16th.

    FEMEJISM Tracklist:
    01. Royal Jelly
    02. Julian
    03. Gonnawanna
    04. Little Baby Beauty Queen
    05. Smile More
    06. Critic
    07. Post Funk
    08. Two Seat Bike
    09. Bubble Baby
    10. Teenage Queen
    11. Grunge Bond
    12. Turn It Off
    13. Heart Is An Animal