Devendra Banhart deals with heartache on a “Saturday Night” — listen

A second look at the songwriter's forthcoming Ape in Pink Marble album


    Featured photo by Jon Beasley and Isabelle Albuquerque

    On September 23rd, Devendra Banhart returns with his first album in three years, Ape in Pink Marble. Due out via Nonesuch, the Mala follow-up was recorded with longtime collaborators Noah Georgeson and Josiah Steinbrick.

    Among the 13 tracks included are lead single “Middle Names”, released back in June, and this week’s few listen, “Saturday Night”. “You know how to numb the wound, but you don’t know how to heal it,” the freak-folk songwriter addresses his troubled partner in a hushed but pained croon. “Please don’t love me because/ Don’t love me because you’re through hating you.”

    Stream it up above.

    Ape in Pink Marble Tracklist:
    01. Middle Names
    02. Good Time Charlie
    03. Jon Lends a Hand
    04. Mara
    05. Fancy Man
    06. Fig in Leather
    07. Theme for a Taiwanese Woman in Lime Green
    08. Souvenirs
    09. Mourner’s Dance
    10. Saturday Night
    11. Linda
    12. Lucky
    13. Celebration


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