Donald Glover: “Thank God, one day Donald Trump is gonna die”

An off-the-cuff comment about the finality of life


It must be hard to walk around with the name Donald these days. There’s a bloated ham with a Chinese bird’s nest as a hat out in the public spotlight giving all the other Donald’s a bad rep. But Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, isn’t too concerned about it, because he’s sure of one stone cold fact: One day, Donald Trump is going to die.

While promoting his new dark comedy on FX, Atlanta, at the Television Critics Association press tour, Glover was asked about his departure from the hit NBC show Community. “I just like endings. I think every thing should have death clauses,” he replied (via The Hollywood Reporter). Then he made a fitting analogy. “Thank God, one day Trump is gonna die. That is guaranteed. That is awesome.” And suddenly life doesn’t seem so unfair.

Glover went on on a more serious note. “Its important that things end and… I’m glad things end because it forces things to progress. I get really frustrated in the world because I see a lot of things that could be better but aren’t better because things haven’t died yet.”

As for Atlanta, it sounds like a very intriguing project. Glover created and executive produces the show in which he stars as a loner who returns to his Atlanta home and ends up becoming a part of the local rap scene with his cousin, Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry). The show is attempting to blend high-stakes emotional drama with humor as a means of expressing the black experience in America. “I always want people to be scared because that’s kind of how it feels to be black.”

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