Five Rising Chicago Artists You Need to Hear

CoSigns returns with a spotlight on five of Chicago's finest


    CoSigns takes a monthly plunge into the world of music discovery, profiling five artists that you absolutely need to know about before everyone else does.

    Longtime readers of the site might be familiar with our CoSigns feature, in which we spotlight emerging artists from scenes around the world. In the past, CoSigns has been one of our most reliable ways of introducing fresh, vital music to our readers while giving young artists the platform they deserve.

    One of the most exciting aspects of local music is the “local” part. Taste knows no geographical boundaries, but loyalty does, and it’s always more thrilling to get turned on to a new band in your own backyard. That’s why we recently decided to freshen up CoSigns a bit, recasting it as a monthly feature that focuses on five artists from the same city or scene. Every month, we’ll go out of our way to find a diverse cross-section of artists who represent the best of a particular place’s musical tapestry. The best part? You’ll get to hear them before they blow up nationally and become total sell-outs.


    This month’s CoSigns are near and dear to us because they all hail from Chicago, the city that Consequence of Sound itself calls home. We’re confident that the acts we’ve chosen — Jamila Woods, Yeesh, Oshwa, Whitney, and Trevor Sensor — represent Chicago’s insane diversity and speak to its reputation as one of the world’s best cities for music.

    Now won’t you join us on a walk through the Windy City?

    –Collin Brennan
    Associate Editor


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