Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison apologizes for Twitter “meltdown,” confirms band is not breaking up

“On the plus side I have a greater appreciation of the pitfalls of mixing alcohol, depression and social media.”


    Photo by Ben Kaye

    Scott Hutchison, the frontman of Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, had some things to say on Twitter over the weekend. In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, he set off some alarm bells among fans worried about Frightened Rabbit’s imminent breakup.

    “Turns out I’m a complete a*sehole. It’s important that everyone knows. I’m not a particularly good person. So don’t buy my records,” he wrote, according to Herald Scotland. “So I’d urge you to forget about the band, it’s a complete farce. I don’t deserve any of the things that have benefitted my life.”

    The real dagger, though, came with this conclusion: “Goodbye to Frightened Rabbit. All it has ever been is me boring people with lies and making creative currency out of other people’s hurt.”


    Well, it turns out Hutchison didn’t actually mean any of that. In a lengthy apology posted to Twitter today, he explained that the outburst was not the end of the band but merely “the result of mixing alcohol, depression and social media.”

    The band may still be alive (for now), but the rant didn’t come without some repercussions. In his apology, Hutchison announced that Frightened Rabbit will be canceling upcoming appearances at Haldern and Rock Am See so that the troubled frontman can prioritize “recovery.”

    Read the full series of tweets below, and check out our interview with Hutchison from earlier this year.

    Hutchison also posted another version of his apology on Facebook. Read it below.