Jeff Tweedy turns poet Carl Sandburg’s “Theme in Yellow” into new song — listen

From David Nagler & Friends' Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems tribute album


    Photo by Ben Kaye

    This years marks the 100th anniversary of poet Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems, a landmark collection that established him as leading voice in contemporary America. To commemorate the lasting beauty of the works, Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders at City Winery musical director David Nagler has gathered a group of Windy City friends and musicians to form David Nagler & Friends and pay tribute to the poet. Together, they’ve reinterpreted select works from Chicago Poems as songs for an album dubbed simply Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems.

    Contributing musicians include The Mekons’ Sally Timms and Jon Langford, Daniel Knox, Robbie Fulks, and The Cornhuskers. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco also added his voice, taking on Sandburg’s Halloween poem “Theme in Yellow”. Using gently strolling guitar, acoustic bass, and a Charlie Brown-esque piano part, the track recalls a comfortable autumn day perfectly befitting the poem’s subject matter. Take a listen below.

    Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems Album Artwork:

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    Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems Tracklist:
    01. David Nagler – “Chicago”
    02. David Nagler – “Lost”
    03. Sally Timms – “Happiness”
    04. David Nagler – “Mag”
    05. David Nagler – “Personality”
    06. David Nagler – “Fog”
    07. David Nagler – “Killers”
    08. David Nagler – “Limited”
    09. Jon Langford – “Under a Hat Rim”
    10. Daniel Knox – “Child of the Romans”
    11. Robbie Fulks – “Under the Harvest Moon”
    12. David Nagler – “Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard”
    13. Jeff Tweedy – “Theme in Yellow”
    14. The Cornhuskers – “Child”
    15. David Nagler – “Gone”
    16. David Nagler – “Under a Telephone Pole”