Pizza Hut is turning its delivery boxes into playable turntables

Boxes with conductive ink can connect via Bluetooth to your phone or laptop


Ever finished off a pizza, looked down at the empty box and thought, “Well, golly, I wish there were something more I could do with this slap of greasy cardboard.” Well, Pizza Hut has just served up the perfect solution. The company has plans to introduce actual playable turntable pizza boxes at select UK locations.

As Exclaim reports, printed electronics company Novalia has joined with Pizza Hut to create boxes that really function as a DJ tool. Using conductive ink, Novalia has printed two scratchable decks, a crossfader, mixer, volume controls, cue and sync buttons, and pretty much all the basics a party started could possibly need right on the inside of a pizza box. The “device” is battery powered and connects to your phone or computer via Bluetooth. All you have to do is select two tracks in a DJ software such as Serato or DJ Pro and you’re off and scratching.

There’s no word on if the marketing ploy will make its way to the states, so until then you can probably stick to Papa John’s or Domino’s. Watch Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra explain how the DJ Pizza box works below.

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